Detailed Process and Fee Structure at Afnan Apitherapy Centre.


Step 1​​​​​​​. Every patient must partake in a complimentary four-hour lecture on "Why we become sick." In this informative session, we adress the impact of different types of stress-emotional, chemical, physical and unseen - on out health. This allows prospective patients to understand their conditions better and decide whether to proceed with the treatment


Step 2. The Cost for our specialized treatments ranges from RM130.00 to RM6,500.00. The final fee depends on the health issue requiring treatment, and for some conditions, based on my experience, I will decide on the most appropriate treatment and accompanying package.


Step 3. The full package treatment, which include all necessary products and 30 sessions of bee sting therapy, is primarily aimed at product costs. We value the well-being of our patients, hence we do not charge for consultations or follow-up sessions. Unlike other centers, we do not apply charges for the bees used in therapies (typically priced between RM10 to RM30 per bee elsewhere). This approach ensures our unique services and fee structure remain distincive.


Step 4. For Ruqyah (the scanning of unseen entities), we charge a fee of RM300.00 per name, only applicable if entitites are removed. If the name is cleared post-scanning, there will be no charge. This initiative ensure fairness and transparency in our service.


Step 5. To ensure our patients are wellp-informed, we provide a comprehensive information pack during their appointment. It includes all the neccessary details regarding treatments, their benefits and any other relevant information which can assist them in their healing journey.


We are commited to maintaining trasnparency, ensuring patiens can make well-informed decisions about their health. We sincerely hope the above points clarify our processes and fees at Afnan Apitherapy Cente.



For further inquiries or appointments, please do not hesitate to contact Rosli Khalid at Afnan Apitherapy Centre.



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